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I’m only going to adopt dogs. Never buy them.

There are so many dogs out there that need homes. By buying dogs from stores and breeders, you’re indirectly supporting puppy mills. Getting a dog from a shelter is something I plan on doing because you’re helping a dog that’s in a bad situation. There are too many dogs out there on the streets, and by adopting, you’re actually opening up more space at shelters and kennels for more dogs to get out the street.

On another, more personal note: I think that if you adopted a dog they would be more appreciative of having a home and an owner that cares for them. I know this might not be true for each dog, but I would think that those dogs would just be different in a good way. Look at my dog from a breeder- she is an unappreciative little fuck. She has it so good and has so many people who love her, yet she still attacks me. I know when I provoke her, I take the blame. But when I don’t do anything and she just bites my face, that ain’t cool.

2 years ago | 11:08pm
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